10 tips for the perfect wedding reception

Planning a wedding reception is fun and exciting, but it takes a lot of preplanning and preparation. If you are planning a wedding in Perth or its surrounding areas, you have selected a beautiful destination, with many wedding reception options available. There are several things you can do right from the beginning to ensure your wedding reception is perfect. Here is a list of the top ten tips for planning the perfect wedding reception.

1.      Start Planning Early

To plan the perfect wedding reception, you must start planning early. It takes time to make all the necessary arrangements and you do not want to rush through it. You should select a location for your reception at least six months ahead of your wedding date. Otherwise, you may be stuck settling for the only reception venue with space available.

2.      Set a Budget

The perfect wedding does not have to be the most expensive. Set a budget early and check it often. You do not want to run out of money early on in the planning stage, and not have enough funds to get the little extras for your reception.

3.      Know Your Venue

Make sure that you know all the details about the space where you are holding the reception. You want to know the maximum capacity of the room, what staff will be available on your wedding day, when can you start to set up, and what services are included, such as table linen, and table set-up and tear down. Do not assume anything, this way you will know exactly how to plan your reception.

4.      Select a Caterer

Before you start shopping around for caterers, make sure that the venue for your wedding allows outside caterers. If not, you will need to work with their on-site chef to create the right food for your reception. If you can, be sure to shop around and test taste any food options. If you are trying to save money, plan a buffet-style dinner service rather than a formal sit-down dinner service.

5.      Choose the Right Entertainment

Entertainment is a very important part of your reception, and helps to set the tone for the entire evening. Once you have selected a band or DJ for your reception, schedule a meeting with them before your wedding. Provide them with a list of any special songs you want played, and when you want them to play the songs.

6.      Lighting Options

The right lighting can make a great reception area look absolutely stunning. Talk to the staff at your venue ahead of time about what lighting options are available. Perhaps the lights can be dimmed, or only certain lights can be used. Also, ask if you can display lighted candles on the tabletop because candles can provide an inexpensive way to add some ambience to the space.

7.      Create a Seating Chart

While a seating chart for your reception may be cumbersome to create, it will help the event run smoother. It is always best to try to put people together who know each other. Select a person to control the seating for the evening and make sure everyone can find their seats. This person may also have to make any last-minute changes to the seating chart if necessary.

8.      The Right Decorations

Choose a color palate early on, so you can select all of your decorations around this theme. If you are using flowers to decorate your reception area, consider repurposing some of the flowers used during the ceremony. This can help you save a lot of money. Also, be sure to create a centerpiece that is no higher than 14 to 20 inches, so your guests can talk across the table.

9.      Use a Professional Photographer

It is important to hire a professional photographer in Perth for your wedding and reception. You only have one chance to get the right pictures. Sit down with your photographer before your wedding to discuss specific pictures you want taken during the ceremony and at the reception, such as a picture with you and your parents or the bride and groom’s first dance. This will ensure you capture every moment of the day that is important to you.

10.  Have a Back-Up Plan

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you must have a backup plan prepared. While it does not rain often during the summertime in Perth, it still can happen. A backup plan it vital and will help you be ready for you wedding day no matter what the weather is like outside.

Be sure to start early, so you have time to shop around for all the services, decorations, and extras you need for your wedding. Whether working with a professional photographer, DJ, band, caterer, or florist in Perth, be sure to be specific about what you are looking for and the services you want. This will help to ensure your special day unfolds just how you envisioned it.