2 grooms: unbelievable wedding day at Darlington Estate

Two grooms, Jason and Robin’s wedding day at Darlington Estate, this was the first same sex wedding to be held at Darlington Estate I was lucky enough to be the photographer for these two lovers.

After booking their wedding at Darlington Estate Jason and Robin were referred to me by another wedding photographer who was unavailable for their wedding day.

They loved my style of my work and booked me in to be the photographer. I loved chatting with these guys when they came over for the meeting and felt we could do something magical on the day as they had a unique chemistry.

I personally love photographing weddings at Darlington estate and have done many weddings at this location so I’m very familiar with how things work here.

Darlington Estate winery in located on a 40 acre vineyard in the Perth hills just off the main hwy. The setting is a rustic, vintage venue with exposed jarrah with recycled brick flooring, it has a very warm intimate feeling with fairy lights to add to the atmosphere with floor to ceiling windows to take advantage of the view.

Darlington Estate wedding reception
reception Darlington Estate

Wedding Ceremony at Darlington Estate

The wedding ceremony was held in the outdoor area with tiered steps surrounded by natural bushland.

Jason and Robin had an intimate wedding ceremony of around 60 guest with family and close friends being privileged to witness these two special people become husband and husband.

They planted a ceremonial tree to have in their garden at home to remember the vows that they exchanged on the wedding day.

Wedding at Darlington Estate
Two Grooms Darlington Estate
Two Grooms Darlington Estate
Two Grooms Darlington Estate wedding
Two Grooms planting a tree
Two grooms Perth same sex wedding

Wedding photography at Darlington Estate

After the ceremony and family photos we headed down to the vineyard at Darlington Estate, which is a short walk past the gates down the hill.

This area is used often by wedding photographers at this venue as it has a magnificent view overlooking the valley. Just be careful here on the loose gravel on the edges of the paths as it can be very slippery. There are also many paths that lead off into the bushland which can be great for the photos, which we did as Jason has a background in botany and wanted some more natural bush photos.

wedding party Darlington Estate
Wedding Darlington Estate winery
Weddings at Darlington Estate same sex
lovers Darlington Estate
the view Darlington Estate
 Darlington Estate Winery

Jason and Robin entered the reception after the wedding party to the cheers of the eagerly waiting guests. The night started with speeches that happed between the food service. The speeches were very heartfelt and emotional with many tears and laughs had especially Robin’s speech who took the piss out of his new husband.

The grooms cut their wedding cake that was baked by a close friend, Jason and Robin then headed straight on to the dance floor to do their first dance as husband and husband. After the first dance things started to heat up on the dance floor with many guest going crazy with dance moves some of these I had never witnessed before.

Cake cutting at wedding
wedding at Darlington Estate two grooms
first dance two grooms Darlington Estate
first dance two grooms same sex wedding
wedding party dancing
two grooms

In the end Jason and Robin’s wedding day was a heartfelt emotional experience for everyone. It’s so good to see couples who clearly love each other being able to marry since the laws where changed a few years ago in Australia.

I loved being able to capture so many awesome photos for them and wish these two the best for the future together.

Darlington Estate is a magical, whimsical venue that has an enchanted feeling with the fairy lights and trees surrounding the place, around dusk the place transforms into a totally amazing place to party the evening away.

The venue always provides an amazing evening to host your wedding reception the food is delicious and always on point. I can thoroughly recommend this venue to be on your list for a small intimate wedding.