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Allure Limos have one of the best selection of limos and classic cars available for your wedding day in Perth.

As a Photographer we often find ourselves at the same wedding as Allure and I really enjoy working with this company and how professional and clean their cars are presented on the wedding day. We get some amazing photos of the limos that can really add to your gallery of wedding photos.

I asked Allure Limousines a few questions

Do you have a favourite photo that Paul Winzar have taken?

Paul has been in the industry for so long now! that he has mastered his craft and has many great photos, but some favourites would be a some of the photos of our limos at wineries in the Swan Valley, Also our vehicles in the city that create a cool street vibe.

Allure Limos Perth Millbrook Winery

Do you have any favourite locations?

Kings Park It is very popular spot that our clients like to go in Perth. We love like the Swan Valley which has a  diverse range of attractions to do and see. We regularly have Swan Valley Limo tours and weddings within the Swan Valley.

What do you like about working with a Photographer like Paul?

Paul really knows how to get the best for his couples and you can see that in the photos he captures! Our driver say he will give them directions of best location and angles for a particular photo.

It is great to work with someone who is very talented photographer. You are very good at making people feel comfortable during the day.

Allure Limos Perth Wedding Photographer Paul Winzar

What do Allure Limousines like most about the wedding industry?

Being a very special day for our couples we get to share so many moments with them. The photos will last the couple a lifetime and everyone that the bride and grooms engage to work on their day needs to be professional. This is why Allure Limousines, we take pride in presenting our drivers and cars in the best possible way.

4 Jones Street, O’Connor, Western Australia,

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