Barrett Lane wedding, Kaitlin and Jed

Incredible Barrett Lane wedding, Swan Valley

April in the Swan Valley is always a busy time, especially at Barrett Lane for a wedding. The picturesque venue, known for its rustic charm and beautiful landscapes, set the perfect scene for their dream wedding.

Kaitlin and Jed’s, April wedding brought the most magical day as the weather in Perth had been unseasonably warm.

Barrett Lane Swan Valley Wedding photography

Bride and Groom getting ready

The day started with the groom and his groomsmen in an apartment in Perth City. Afterwards I headed to Barrett Lane where the bride and Bridesmaid were preparing for the day at the new Barrett Lane Homestead. The newly renovated homestead made a perfect location for the brides preparation photos before the ceremony. The homestead had always been a part of Barrett Lane although photos were only allowed in the beautiful gardens. Kaitlin and her Bridesmaids were full of excitement and party vibes when I arrived making the time enjoyable.

Kaitlin looked absolutely amazing thanks in part to the talented Makeup With Lacey. Lacey’s skilful makeup highlighted Kaitlin’s natural beauty, giving her a soft and elegant look that was perfect for her. 

Jed and the boys arrive at Barrett Lane giving me the chance to capture a few more photos with them. I could tell Jed was getting nervous but the groomsmen did their best to keep him settled.

Groom with the boys Barrett Lane wedding

A ceremony to remember

The ceremony was officiated by Barb Howard from Alluring Ceremonies. The ceremony was setup under the arch at Barrett Lane with flower arrangements giving a touch of elegance. 

Kaitlin walked down the aisle by her father who I could tell had a close bond with Kaitlin.

Barb’s warm and engaging style was intimate and personal that suited Kaitlin and Jed. 

After the vows were done and it was time to walk back down the aisle. A mist of bubbles in the air created an ethereal atmosphere as they exited. A large group photo was setup with all guests before doing more family photos. 

barrett Lane Father walking bride dow the ailse

Wedding photography at Barrett Lane

One of the standout moments of the day was the incredible photos captured in front of the barn doors at Barrett Lane. 

Kaitlin’s veil, flowing vertical with help from one of the bridesmaids flicking it up in the air.  A champagne spray photos was done with the groom spraying the groomsmen with the bottle that was very funny. More photos were done around the homestead gardens and eventually in the fields and vineyard. 

Barrett Lane wedding reception

An entrance to go down in the history books

After the wedding photos were done it was time to enter the reception. The wedding party entered to an exciting vibe followed by the bride and groom, this sent the room into meltdown, napkins waved in the air like some football crowd going wild. 

The tables were adorned with rows of candles creating a romantic mood. On the bridal table alone there must have been 200 candles.

The floral arrangements from The Petal Shed created the most beautiful bouquets and decorations. The flowers added a vibrant and fresh touch to the wedding reception.

Barrett Lane wedding photography barn doors
Fun wedding at Barrett Lane in the Swan Valley

Kaitlin and her father shared a special moment on the dance floor, moving to a song that held deep meaning for both of them. Following the father-daughter dance, it was time for Kaitlin and Jed’s first dance as husband and wife. The couple took to the floor with the backdrop of Barrett Lane’s reception room that always looks great in photos. The rustic feel of Barrett Lane is alway a fantastic location with a warm atmosphere and glow during the reception.  

Bride and groom at the reception Barrett Lane

Dancing the Night Away

Music is an essential part of any wedding, it was provided by Off The Wall Promotions. The DJ from Off The Wall Promotions did an amazing job of keeping the dance floor alive and energetic. They played a mix of classic hits and modern favourites, The music added to the joyful celebration making it a night to remember for everyone. 

A day filled with emotion

Kaitlin and Jed’s wedding was more than just a celebration of their love for each other; it was also a celebration of the love and support they have from their family and friends. The guests, who had traveled from near and far to be there, were treated to a day full of joy, laughter, and heartfelt moments.

From the ceremony to the reception, every detail of the day was carefully planned and executed. The couple’s attention to detail and their desire to create a memorable experience for their guests were evident in every aspect of the wedding. It was a day that reflected their personalities, their love for each other, and their appreciation for the people in their lives.

Capturing the moments

The photos taken on the day will aways be a lasting reminder of the wedding day for Kaitlin and Jed. As a photographer I alway aim to deliver candid in the moment style of photography. From the epic veil shots to the candid moments between the couple, the photos tell the story of Kaitlin and Jed’s wedding day in a way that words alone cannot.

Barrett Lane the perfect venue

Barrett Lane in the Swan Valley proved to be the ideal venue for a wedding once again. Its rustic charm and beautiful surroundings made for a picturesque setting. The barn doors, the vineyard and fields, and the overall ambiance of the location always add  a special touch to any wedding day. Clearly a lot of thought and care had gone into choosing this venue, and it paid off in every way.

A wedding day to remember

Kaitlin and Jed’s wedding was a celebration of their connection, not only between them but among all who were present. The combination of a stunning venue, heartfelt ceremony, touching moments, and incredible details made for a day to be remembered by all. 

An amazing contribution of their vendors like Barb Howard from Alluring Ceremonies, Makeup With Lacey, Mandy from The Petal Shed, and Off The Wall Promotions, every detail came together to create a perfect day.

As they look back on their wedding day, Kaitlin and Jed can be proud of the memories they created. Their wedding was a reflection of their story, and it set the stage for the future. Here is to Kaitlin and Jed for creating an amazing wedding at this incredible location.

Cellebrant, Alluring Ceremonies, Barb Howard

Music DJ, Off The Wall Promotions

Venue, Barrett Lane

Wedding planner, Osborne Weddings and Events