Como The Treasury, Wedding at Long Chim

Como The Treasury, Wedding at Long Chim

A display of bold colour and sophistication to celebrate the couples day at Como The Treasury, Long Chim.

Julia and Sepehr’s wedding was a beautiful celebration filled with love, joy, and many memorable moments. Their special day was a perfect blend of elegance and tradition, held at Long Chim. Let’s look at the different parts of their wonderful wedding day at Como The Treasury.

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Getting Ready at Como The Treasury

The day began at the beautiful Como The Treasury, where Julia and Sepehr got ready for their big day. Como The Treasury is a stunning location with amazing rooms and architecture, providing a perfect setting for the couple’s preparations. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as Julia and Sepehr prepared for one of the most important days of their lives.

Julia looked stunning in her wedding dress, surrounded by her 2 bridesmaids and family members. They helped her into the wedding dress her makeup and hair on-point. Making sure she looked perfect for her big day before walking down the aisle. Sepehr, looking handsome in his suit, also had his groomsmen and family by his side as he prepared for the ceremony. The photography captured these final moments, preserving the day before they said thier wedding vows.

Bridal details, shoes, perfume, bouquet

The Ceremony at Long Chim

The ceremony occurred at Long Chim, a venue known for its beautiful setting in the Old Treasury building. Kylee Payne, a well-known celebrant, officiated the ceremony. Kylee’s warm and heartfelt words set a perfect tone for the ceremony, making it personal and touching. Julia and Sepehr exchanged their vows in front of their families, promising to love and support each other. The ceremony was filled with emotion, bringing tears to a few guests.  

One of the most memorable moments of the ceremony was the sugar rubbing ceremony through the bridal veil. This traditional ritual symbolises sweetness and happiness in the couple’s life together. It was a beautiful and meaningful addition to the celebration, reflecting the important cultural traditions.

The Reception at Long Chim

After the ceremony, the reception was also held at Long Chim. The venue was beautifully decorated, with flowers by Fox and Rabbit adding a touch of natural beauty and elegance to the setting. The floral arrangements were stunning, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere.

Guests enjoyed a delicious meal, the food and service at Long Chim is always top-notch. The reception was filled with laughter, joy, and heartfelt speeches from friends and family. Julia and Sepehr’s love for each other was evident throughout the evening, and their happiness was contagious.

Wedding Photos Around Como The Treasury

After the ceremony, the couple took some time to have their wedding photos taken around Como The Treasury. The beautiful architecture and stunning surroundings provided a perfect backdrop for their photos. The photography captured the love and happiness of the couple in these settings. Photos around Como The Treasury will always be cherished by Julia and Sepehr, reminding them of their special day.

Como The Treasury Wedding Photographer Paul Winzar

The Wedding Cake

One of the highlights of the reception was the wedding cake, made by The Cake And I. The cake was a true masterpiece, beautifully designed and delicious. It was decorated with details that matched the theme of the wedding. The cake-cutting ceremony was special and unique, as Persian ladies performed a traditional sword dance before handing the knife to the Bride and Groom to cut the cake. This added a touch of cultural tradition to the celebration, making it even more memorable.

The wedding cake, Como The Treasury Wedding Photographer Paul Winzar
Sword dance,Como The Treasury Wedding Photographer Paul Winzar

Special Sword Dance to Cut the Cake

As mentioned earlier, a sword dance before cutting the cake was a highlight of the evening. This special dance added a unique and personal touch to the celebration. The guests were fascinated by the ladies skill and grace as they danced. The newlyweds had to pay enough money to the dancers to collect the sword. The cake-cutting ceremony was a memorable and exciting part of the reception.

Persian Dancing Throughout the Night

The reception was filled with lively and vibrant Persian dancing, celebrating Sepehr’s heritage. The dancing was full of energy captivating the guests and keeping everyone entertained on the dance floor. The music and dancing created a festive atmosphere, adding to the joy and excitement of the evening.

Persian dancing at Long Chim

A Night to Remember

Julia and Sephre’s wedding was a night to remember. Every detail was thoughtfully planned and beautifully executed from the heartfelt ceremony to the reception. The combination of modern elegance and cultural tradition made the celebration unique and special.

The love and happiness shared by Julia and Sepehr were felt by everyone present. Their wedding was not just a celebration of their love, but also a coming together of family and friends to share in their joy. The beautiful setting of Long Chim the stunning decorations by Fox and Rabbit the delicious cake by The Cake And I, and the vibrant Persian dancing all contributed to making the day perfect.

Bride and groom happy at the reception, Como The Treasury Wedding Photographer Paul Winzar

An amazing wedding celebration at Long Chim

Julia and Sepehr’s wedding at Long Chim was a beautiful and unforgettable celebration. The day was filled with so much joy, and many special moments. Every detail from the preparations at Como The Treasury to the heartfelt ceremony officiated by Kylee Payne. The beautiful reception with flowers by Fox and Rabbit, the stunning cake by The Cake And I. Memorable wedding photos around Como The Treasury, and the lively Persian dancing, every part of the day was perfect.

Julia and Sepehr’s connection with each other is evident in every detail of their wedding day. The celebration was a perfect blend of elegance and tradition reflecting their unique personalities and their different cultures. The memories of this beautiful day will be cherished by Julia and Sepehr and everyone fortunate enough to share in their wedding celebration.

Wedding venue, Como The Treasury, Long Chim

Photographer, Paul Winzar Photography

Celebrant, Kylee Payne

DJ, Envy Event Group

Florist, Fox and Rabbit

Wedding Cake, The Cake and I