How to Preserve Your Wedding Photos

What happens after your wedding day and how to preserve your wedding photos?

Your wedding day is over the excitement and emotions of the ceremony and reception has passed, the many months spent organising your event has been well worth the effort.

All that is left is to do is await your photos from your wedding photographer. Many brides and grooms do not pay enough attention into how their wedding photos will be displayed or preserved.

The importance of having your wedding photos either printed or made into a wedding Album is something that should be of the highest priority after the event. Let’s consider the fact, that most wedding photographers in Perth now give a disc with a wedding photography package.

Today technology and digital media is great but consider how many images will last into the future, I personally love seeing photos from 100 years ago being able to hold and see a piece of history; a window into the past.

To ensure that your photos last for many years to come, care should be taken with them. Apart from having a wedding album, other ways to present your images are listed below.

Giving that the disc you receive from your photographer are on digital media, you want to make sure you at least make backup copies on as many hard drives and computers as possible. Digital media can fail over time, so the last thing you would want is to lose all your wedding photos.

Make an effort in getting as many photos printed, you don’t need to print them all only get the ones you really like done; they can be stored in a nice solander box to help preserve them. A solander box is used by conservators for archives and photographers. They can be expensive though, so any nice box will do the same thing.

Have some of your photos framed is another good way to enjoy longevity with them; also it has the added benefits of being able to see them every day. Avoid hanging framed prints in a sunny spot as this will fade the photos.

Have some made into a stretched canvas print you can get some really large sizes today that look amazing on your wall.

Digital photo frames are another good way to present them you can also have a slideshow running so you get to see different pictures.

Even a photo collage can look great with all your wedding photos put together in one large frame; this is more of a casual look but can be a good conversation piece when you are entertaining friends.

Whatever you decide on, don’t just put the disc in the top draw and forget about it and hope that they will still be readable in ten years’ time. You have put in a lot of planning to have your wedding photos taken by a professional and in all likeliness your photographer has put in considerable time and effort to present them to you.