Professional wedding photographer in Perth

Why choosing a professional wedding photographer in 2021 can be one of the most important decisions for your wedding day.

Firstly the photography industry in unregulated, anybody can pickup a camera and call themselves a wedding photographer.

So many stories of bad experiences are around on social media, with many people regretting their decision, trusting an inexperienced wedding photographer to capture their day.

Some tips on finding a wedding photographer to capture your wedding day.

Friends recommendations

These are always great but not everybody wants to use the same photographer as their friends, we are all different and have individual tastes.

Online Reviews

These are a good starting point to see what other have said about their experience.

Places like Easyweddings and Google reviews are good places to look for reviews for a wedding photographer.

Other vendors

People that work in the wedding industry work with wedding photographers all the time.

Referrals by other vendors is a good way, but some venues seem to refer the same people all the time, and this can be very limiting on who you could use as a wedding photographer.

Accredited wedding photographer

Accredited photographers are trained and educated in what they do, choosing these photographers are a safe option. The standards  are very high to be a member and photographers need all the right insurance and continue with training and abide by a code of conduct.

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Meeting with the photographer is so important you will be spending a lot of with them.

Ask as many questions as you like these are a few ideas,

Do you have backup camera equipment?

Do your cameras have dual memory card slots?

Have you got a backup photographer incase of illness?

How many weddings have you photographed?

Are they a full time wedding photographer?

Do they have public liability insurance?

Have they any reviews they can show from past couples?

How many photos do you normally deliver after the wedding?

How long after the wedding does it take to receive the photos?

Do they edit the photos or send them to an editing company overseas?

Are the wedding photos in full resolution?

Ask why they are a wedding photographer?

Have they got experience at your wedding venue?

Have they got any stories about certain weddings that may have been exciting or different for them as a photographer?

Ask if they put any colour filters over the photos? As this can’t be undone in the future if the colours are too altered to fit current trends.

With so many photographers out there it’s a hard decision, most importantly make sure you like their work and style and that you feel you can get along with them. Your wedding photos are important so please do some homework in searching for somebody to take the photos at your wedding.