Rainy Wedding Day

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had rain on your wedding day would the wedding photos be a disaster?

Having a church wedding or an indoor ceremony and reception things are a little easier, but if you are having an outdoor ceremony and reception a backup plan would be essential. Either the venue has an area incase of rain, having to have a marquee is another option.

Rain during your wedding photos can be magical, gloomy skies and rain puddles and reflection off wet surfaces can create some interesting effects. It does not need to just be rain, wintery conditions can add a special touch to your photos.

Having rain at a wedding also gets me excited because I need to work some much harder to get the images, it allows me to be more creative. Delivering images that can’t be done on a sunny day I’ve even had bride say I’m so happy it rained at my wedding and others that they wished it would have rained.

Sandalford Winery Wedding

How amazing are these photos at Sandalford Winery. This wedding it rained a lot with some very heavy rain showers throughout the day, so most photos needed to be done under shelter. Originally the ceremony was to take place at the Chenin lawn but needed to be moved to one of the rooms upstairs due to the rain.

Rain on your wedding day.
Rain wedding photo Sandalford Winery
Sandalford Winery Swan Valley
Rainy wedding Sandalford Winery

Core Cider House Wedding

The morning started with the rain so the outdoor ceremony was moved into the Old Apple Shed which looked great. The rain held off throughout most of the day until the last few minutes of the Bride and groom photos so we were lucky to get some amazing images.

Rain during your wedding
Rainy photos
Rain on your wedding

Brookleigh Estate Wedding

We managed to get most of the photos done before the rain came pouring down that only lasted about 10 minutes.

Brookleigh Estate rainy wedding photos
Brookleigh Estate winter weddings
Brookleigh Estate winter wedding