Things to Consider When Choosing a Photographer

The sometimes arduous task of searching for a photographer for your wedding is something that should not be taking lightly. With so many photographers in Perth Western Australia to choose from, makes that job even harder.

How willing is the bride and groom to hand over hard-earned money to somebody that they may only have met for half an hour or so, to be trusted with their wedding photos.
There are many things to consider when booking a photographer to cover one of the most important days of your life.

First of all it is important to meet with the photographer and ask to see some examples of weddings, most times a viewing of albums will be the best way to evaluate the photographer that you are considering, by viewing albums you will get a feel of how the day is captured. Also most websites only show a slide show of their best work.

Does your photographer edit all of their images or is it shoot and burn, it is important to understand the difference. Many hours are spent editing RAW images to bring out the best in quality so your day is presented in the best possible way.

Will you receive the images on USB after the wedding; some photographers do not give you the images on USB after the day. So it is important to make sure what you will be receiving.
You should also have a written agreement this is important and will protect both parties.

Why do I need a professional Perth wedding photographer to capture our day, many times I hear of people using friends to step up and try to capture the day. Most of the time they are not happy with the results, I was doing a corporate photo shoot recently and upon speaking with a person about his wedding, I asked him who he had used to photograph his wedding, he said a friend had done it but they didn’t turn out very well.