Wedding photography What Happens on the Wedding Day

Wedding photography What Happens on the Wedding Day

Planning the day of your wedding and knowing what to do with timings, so that the wedding photographer can deliver beautiful wedding photos, can be a difficult task for the uninitiated. This guide will try to make that a little easier for the bride and groom in their planning for the wedding day. in order to receive the best from your photographer, time needs to be spent beforehand in getting this right so that your wedding photos are not too rushed on your special event. Photos of the bride preparing as well as the groom, ceremony photos and family group photos after the wedding ceremony, along with formal and reception photos need to be considered.

Bride photos I like to spend between 1.5 – 2 hours with the bride and bridesmaids. This is important as this can be a very busy time before the ceremony. More time will give more creative and relaxed images. Family photos can also be done in this time before the ceremony.

Consider booking a hotel room to get ready in, that have a nice sized room to allow for the photographer and bridesmaids and guest to move around freely. An uncluttered space is important also especially if you’re deciding to prepare at home. Large windows create great lighting in photos so a room that has one is optimal.

Grooms men should be dressed in their pants and shirts when the photographer arrives so that the photographers time is utilized efficiently. Groom photos are done normally before the brides.

A list of family photos will help after the wedding ceremony. Allow at least 30 to 45 minutes for family images as this can take up a bit of time.

Also you need to allow for congratulations after the ceremony this can sometimes take 20 minutes. Your family and friends will want to hug and congratulate you; this also gives you a bit of a rest before the formal wedding photos start.

The more time spent capturing the wedding photography after the ceremony, the more creative and relaxed the photos will look. Allowing around two hours is a good amount of time; this does not include traveling time.

Advise your photographer of the proceedings of the reception and pointing out any key moments, like cutting of the cake, speeches, and the newlyweds first dance, will help insure the evening goes well. The events co-ordinator, MC or DJ normally works with the photographer during the night to make things run smoothly as possible.

But remember to relax and enjoy the moments take time to absorb it all in.