Why choose a wedding photographer, Paul Winzar Photography

Choosing a wedding photographer Perth 

You have made it here after looking for a Perth wedding photographer. There are countless options that pop up on the Google search results, who do you trust.

I want to let you know  I have been in the wedding photography industry for over 14 years now. I’ve seen a thing or two, I’ve seen trends come and go some good and some bad. But nothing beats candid wedding photographers that captures the essence of the moment on your big day.

Your story is important! You want it to be captured by a skilled photographer who knows what they are doing. Let’s face it weddings are fast paced and there is no second chance to capture the moment.

Award winning wedding photographer

I have won multi awards for my photography skills at various WA State, National Australian awards and international levels. These are for wedding categories in the awards. I would like to do more awards in the future although I find that there was too much photoshop in the entries. These days and the judges went for these over worked images which is not my style as a wedding photographer. 

Candid style of wedding photography 

My photography style has evolved over the years and is constantly changing to suit each wedding that I do, as no two weddings are the same. I don’t add any orange or boho filters to my images I prefer more natural colours that will not date. I love Black & White photography, that is timeless and does not date. Unlike the on point trend filters of today that will date quickly.

Many people find being photographed daunting, I work with people to make it a fun and a better experience for everyone. I often hear people say oh that wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Read my Google and Easy Wedding reviews this will give a better idea on peoples experiences.

Wedding at Mulberry Estate Swan Valley, Wedding photographer Paul Winzar

Engagement photography session

Doing a pre-wedding engagement session can help ease any nerves on your wedding day. These are not alway necessary but I find can help with shy people who are uneasy in front of a camera.  Couples say they were happy doing a pre-wedding shoot and it helped so much to calm them before the big day.

How large and what weddings are covered

I photograph all weddings and cultures and same sex couples, love experiencing something different and love to capture all love stories. Having done 3 day Muslim weddings with 1000 guests to small intimate elopements with only 3 guest to a wedding ceremony at 8pm on a beach in total darkness. The challenge of every wedding with all the differences that occur is exciting. I travel to locations in Australia and overseas so if you are thinking of a destination wedding get in touch!

Do you photograph Perth City weddings

Hell yeah, I absolutely love city weddings I feel that street vibe it is so cool in wedding photography. Perth City is awesome! King Street, Wolf Lane, around the cultural area near Como The Treasury, State Buildings, Elizabeth Quays all are incredible for photos. So many great churches in the city like St Georges Cathedral and St Mary’s Cathedral that are favourites of mine.

Perth City wedding Ritz Carlton, wedding photographer Paul Winzar

Do you work with Videographers 

Yes most certainly I do all the time. I don’t have any videographers under my business structure and have no issues working with new people.  I have videographers that I do recommend and work with on a more regular basis. You hear stories of photographer and videographer not working together. I find this untrue, we are both working for the couple to get the best photos and videos for them. Any egos are left at home your day is too important for any hierarchy. 

 Ambrose Estate, wedding photographer Paul Winzar

Wedding photographer assistant, second photographer

Yes, But most weddings I prefer to work solo as this helps with my wedding photography style. I do have second shooters that if you feel you need one it can be arranged. I’ve done hundreds of weddings without one and feel more than comfortable not having one.

What happens on the wedding day

A lot! I work with couples to ensure the day run smooth with getting a wedding plan beforehand to help. But I’m a chilled out photographer and go with the flow, as best laid plans can go astray.

Most days start with going to either parters prep photos either bride or groom or a same sex couple. Then the Ceremony happens afterwards by congratulations for the couple with friends and family, then some group photos. Wedding party photos afterwards then head into the reception. This is a generalised idea of most typical weddings but hey it’s your day you do what suits your plans to have the best wedding.

Do I give a list of photos for my wedding day

We all get caught up in the glamorous weddings we see on social media with a million dollar budget of celebrities.

We add these to a mood board for inspiration we need to understand that every wedding, wedding location, wedding venue and weather on the day is different. Every couple also have unique dynamics and levels of comfort with interaction and displays of affection. I will be capturing the couples wedding and story, not necessary the exact same images that are displayed on Paul Winzar photography website and social media accounts. Family photos list is the only photo list I need but this is not always given to me. I don’t work off a list but prefer to work with the couple on the day as it helps keep things more candid and natural.

Do you have insurance

Yes, both public liability and equipment, some venues will not let any photographer work at the venue without showing a certificate of currency for insurance. 

What is the process after the wedding day

Once the wedding reception is over and everything is done! My job as a wedding photographer has only just begun. It’s time to start saving those memories to 4 different hard drives so I can get on to the process of editing the photos. It would take normally up to 6 weeks after the wedding to receive the gallery from the day, this depends on my workload but most times it is earlier the that. If you are having a wedding album this can take around 4 weeks after the design is approved. 

So much has changed since I started as a wedding photographer over 14 years ago.

Planning a wedding you have an open canvas to do what you want today, traditions are still important but not everyone has to follow these. I did a muslim ceremony once that included Star Wars, Darth Vader and Stormtroopers walking down the aisle after the ceremony. I have been at Lord Of the Rings themed weddings to your more traditional event, the day is yours to plan, make it memorable! Keep in mind that after the day is over and the reception, food and cake is eaten, the Dj have played the songs everyone has dance the night away! All that is left to remind you is the photos and video. Please pay particular attention to who you select to capture your wedding photography.