Locations for Wedding Photography Perth

Perth is blessed with having beautiful natural scenery, this is beneficial when it comes to choosing a location for your wedding. Most wedding photographers in Perth have knowledge of great spots or ideas when it comes to the day. However most of the top photographers can bring out the best in any location. You may know of some locations that are special to you, these locations you should discuss with your photographer about the suitability, things that need to be considered are the fact of how close is it to your ceremony and reception. Some of the more popular location ideas are listed below.

Wedding Photography Perth – Locations

Kings Park has many locations suitable for photography from natural bush to manicured gardens and beautiful views of the Perth city skyline and river. This is a very popular park and you are required to make a booking to have your photos here. Please follow the link to arrange a booking

Swan Valley is another very popular location for wedding photography this area is abundant with wineries. Vineyards look and create great backdrops in photos and really start to shine in the autumn months when the vines start to turn yellow. There are also plenty of fields in the swan valley that have some wonderful flowers during spring time.

Perth Beaches Perth’s entire coastline is lucky enough to have some of the best beaches in Western Australia. Wedding photography on the beach is great but it does get windy at times so you need to consider this. Finding a sheltered location among rocky out crops not only helps to protect you from the wind but also adds a little more interest in your images.

Fremantle has many historic architectural buildings and interesting laneways that make good backdrops. Down by the Round House and Bathers beach including the fishing boat harbour are some decent photo spots.

King Street Perth the place to be seen, have your wedding photos taken in  front of some of the streets historic buildings. this upmarket shopping strip is a very popular spot for photographers to take the bride and groom for photos.There are some really interesting facades around here including the close by his majesty’s theatre one of Perth’s few remaining turn of the century buildings.

University of Western Australia the universities iconic architecture make it undeniably obvious where you had your wedding photography. Its arches and pillars provide very interesting compositions. You need to make a booking to have your wedding photos on location here. Follow the link to arrange a booking.

Swan river Perth’s beautiful iconic river has many beautiful spots along its foreshore to make use of for your wedding. Freshwater bay is a beautiful area to think about with overhanging Morton bay figs and multimillion dollar mansions in the back ground. On the other side of the river is point Walter  a charming location that also includes a jetty. Photography on jetties are one of my favourite spots when it comes to composing photos.

Australian natural bush The Australian bush creates a rustic earthly charm in your photos it should be considered for your photos. Also the pine forests dotted throughout Perth is another great place they create a whimsical fantasy feel to the wedding photos. Grassed plains are also great with the long yellow spinifex type of grass and look amazing too.

These are some of the many locations in Perth that are popular and easy to get to. you need to be aware that at peak times a few weddings may be at some of the popular locations around Perth and Fremantle,  Some friendly jostling may be needed to get your wedding photos done. the most important thing to remember on your day is not to stress, your photographer knows how to get the best photos for you so just relax and enjoy the moment.